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Love at First "Site"


I am in love. I have been in love since I was 12. From the moment we first saw each other, we knew that it would last forever. I still remember that moment when my breath was taken away, how I froze in awe as I realized that I was looking at my destiny, my lifelong partner, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. For a split second as we stood there immobile nothing else mattered. For us, it was love at first "site".
I was young back then and our love was frowned upon by my East Coast family. They did not believe in the success of our long-distance relationship. In my defense, it was my parents who introduced us in the first place. They took me on a trip of the American West, starting in Yellowstone. This is where we first met. For the entire three weeks of the trip, we continued to travel together, south to Grand Teton and then back up north to Glacier National Park and to Seattle. Then the vacation was over and I was plucked away back East.
Although physically we were apart, emotionally we were still connected. We met almost every year, always in a different location of the American West, and our feelings stayed just as strong as they were when we first met. We met in Zion and Bryce National Parks, the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, even in San Francisco and Salt Lake City. 5 years ago I finally made the move to Las Vegas to be closer to my passion. As soon as I landed, we were married. Only one problem (for my parents and suitors, should there be any): I am married to the American West.