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The Power of Desert Rain


In October of 2013 I went to Monument Valley with a group. We hired a pick-up truck and driver to take us to the Eye of the Sky Arch. It is located in the depth of the Valley, attainable only by 4WD vehicles that are used to crossing sand dunes and driving over extremely dry terrain. The driver told us that when it rains, the eye weeps and the flat plain before it becomes a swimming pool of muddy water. Like everyone else who heard this, I wanted proof, so I returned a month later with another group. It had been raining for what seemed like months (although it was probably less than two days) and a thunderstorm was threatening overhead. We boarded the open roof 4x4 anyway and went on our way to the Eye of the Sky. The scenery was the most beautiful that I have ever seen it (and I’ve been going to Monument Valley at least four times a year since 2009, so I have seen it a few times). The low shrub growing in the sand dunes all around us had a shiny bright green glow and waterfalls were flowing down the bare sandstone monuments around us. We arrived at the side of the arch and descended the vehicle. The driver said that even the Navajo 4x4’s cannot pass further and they are definitely not amphibious. We quickly understood what this meant. Walking toward the arch, we got a view of the flat plain before it that we had walked on and driven through only a few weeks earlier. It was now inundated with water without a sign that it would ever dry up again. The Eye whose long black eyelashes graced us like mascara in October was now crying, the eyelashes twinkling with fresh tears made by flowing raindrops. The guide told us that if the pool doesn’t dry before the freezing temperatures arrive, the plain will be turned to ice and the Navajos will be ice skating. I came back the following month only to find out that the pool had not completely dried up since the November rains and some parts of it had indeed been frozen over. I saw no one, however, who was ice skating.