No longer angry - a personal view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

I’m no longer angry. I’m still worried, I’m still sad, I’m still disappointed, but I’m no longer angry. Well, that’s not entirely true – one thing still angers me. At first, I was angry at the three boys who hitchhiked in the West Bank. I was angry at Israel’s reaction to their disappearance and at those who decided to take matters into their own hands and murder another boy in retaliation. I was angry at my family for not understanding why I didn’t understand, at the people who know me who didn’t bother to ask me how I’m dealing with the situation, and at those who hadn’t heard a thing about this story.  Most of all, I was angry at myself for being angry because, quite frankly, I have no right to be angry! I’m no longer angry about these things. But I’m still angry at the Facebook posts and the media and the strangers who take sides without understanding the full story.

I’m also angry that it took me so long to write this and that I’m writing this now. I’m angry that this war is taking so long that I actually have enough time to decide that I should write something! You see, it takes me a long time to decide things. Case in point: when I get up in the morning, I leave enough time before leaving for work to decide what to wear for the day. And I work from home! No one will see what I wear and I still have a hard time choosing my clothes. And usually I end up giving up and wearing the same clothes I wore the day before! But I’m digressing.

I don’t live there and I don’t have all the facts in front of me to be able to make a fair assessment of the situation. Therefore, I have no right to judge anything that goes on in Israel or the Palestinian territories. This brings me (finally) to my point: Neither do you! By “you,” I mean all the people out there who feel justified in sharing links on the World Wide Web showing that the Israeli or Palestinian side is the “evil” side.

You are not an innocent Israeli just trying to make a normal living. You are not an innocent Palestinian who got caught in the line of fire. These people have done nothing to you to deserve your judgment! You do not live there and you do not have family who suffers from this chaos (really, my theory is only flawed if you happen to travel back and forth between Israel and Gaza and/or if you have family living in both Israel and Gaza). You are, thus, unjustified in spreading propaganda links about the matter!

Instead of sharing videos on Facebook that show how many innocent Palestinians Israel has killed with one missile over a hospital or how Hamas militants are hiding behind innocent children, how about posting videos of Jews and Muslims sitting together and having a cup of tea? How about showing that Arabs and Israelis mix and mingle? How about the young couples – Jewish men married to Muslim women? Oh yes, it exists (and vice versa)! Try this: instead of spreading hate around, find a video that shows people getting along.

Like this:
Like this:
Like this:
Like this:
I dare you. While you’re at it, do the same with the Russia and Ukraine crisis. Thanks.

One thing you must understand: More and more people on both sides of the equation have been forced into this turmoil. The situation has escalated to a point that defensive tactics no longer work and offensive measures have to be taken (on both sides!) Soldiers have been called upon on both sides of the fence to defend their countrymen. As hard as it is to fathom, those soldiers are forced to fight and die for peace in order to save their own families. It’s not the soldiers who are guilty, it’s not their families who are guilty, it’s hardly the government who is guilty. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter who’s guilty! So let’s stop pointing fingers and start spreading encouragement for peace.

Just because you’re Jewish living in Europe doesn’t mean that you are justified in posting links that make the Palestinians look like Nazis. Just because you’re Muslim living in Canada doesn’t mean that you are justified in posting links that paint Israel as the devil. Your actions do little but anger me and stir up more negative feelings within each person that sees your post. It is time to stop supporting one side against the other and start cheering for both sides to stand together and end the conflict!