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Software developers - Work diligently and creatively to develop the software from scratch, using the code and program of your choosing.

Marketing specialists - Strategize plans and execute them for selling and branding our product.

Work at your own pace, in the environment of your choosing, to the beat of your own drum (as long as you make progress and deliver a final product on the agreed upon date). Despite your independence, you will be a member of a team and your opinions will be an invaluable part of the company's future. You will need to be present at board and team meetings and voice your opinions.

Must be independent, creative, motivated to start something new, and get even more motivated when dealing with obstacles. Must have an opinion and be able to communicate it and support it through.

Special consideration will be given to multi-lingual candidates (especially French and Hebrew speakers).

Salary and benefits: Negotiable

Start date: Flexible

End date: Indefinite

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