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La Route des Grandes Alpes

It is said that no part of France has more dramatic scenery than the Alps, so we are going to find out if this is true by following the famous Route des Grandes Alpes 741km (460mi) from Geneva, Switzerland, the northern section of the Alps, to Nice, on the French Riviera, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea. As one of Europe’s best drives, we will cross 35 passes along the way, including Galibier Pass at 2,645m (8,678ft), which marks the dividing line between the northern and southern French Alps. Along the way, we will pass famous ski resorts, small villages, ancient fortresses and breathtaking scenery. Our tour will begin in Geneva, where we will immediately cross the border into France, nearing the impressive peak of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest at 4,734m (15,531ft). From there we will continue on the Route des Grandes Alpes all the way to Nice, where a completely different scenery and climate will unfold. Following the coastline, we will visit various resorts towns on the French Riviera, including Cannes and Marseilles, and we will of course also make a stop in Monaco. To finish our loop back in Geneva, we will head further inland on the outskirts of the Alps and visit the wine country of Avignon, and the beautiful towns of Grenoble and Lyon, among others.