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Israel Tour

This is a 13-day loop around the state of Israel, covering the four cardinal directions and the beauty that each one has to offer: The Mediterranean shores of the West; the coral reefs of the South; the salty sea of the East; and the lush vegetation of the North. Through it all, the tour passes the inland deserts of Israel and meets face-to-face with the different cultures encountered on the way. Visitors will learn about the city dwellers, the Kibbutznikim, the Bedouins, and the different religions that have been living together (and apart) for centuries. Historic sites will be visited and the opportunity for outdoor adventure will always be available. Optional additions to the trip include jeep and camel rides, mud spa treatments and swimming with dolphins.

Why Travel with Me?
No one else shows you this much of Israel in this timeframe and this price! This tour covers the easternmost, westernmost, southernmost and northernmost points of Israel, and the desert in-between. I offer you a glance of the many diverse cultures of Israel, a dip in its four seas, and presentations about the lives and beliefs of different local inhabitants. This is an experience you can get nowhere else.