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Swiss Tour

This is a Swiss experience that you are not likely to forget. In 22 days, you will see all the different faces of Switzerland, passing from the French to the German to the Italian parts, and then making the return trip back though the German to the French part. Along the way we will pass such major cities as Geneva, Bern, Basel, Zurich and Lucerne. We will also stop at smaller towns such as Neuchatel, Interlaken and Locarno. In each of these we will take a walking tour to see the culture and learn about its history, most of which still stands today in the architectural styles of castles, churches and residences. You will be given the chance to interact with the locals, taste their food and wine, and learn about their Swiss lives. On our journey we will also see the scenery that Switzerland is so famous for: the Alps. We will have half-day hikes and full-day expeditions through the mountains and valleys and opt for bike rides around lakes and through cornfields and vineyards. Overall this Swiss adventure will be filled with information, beauty, endurance and bliss.

Why Travel with Me?
This is the most complete tour of Switzerland that you will find, taking in the history, culture and scenery by experience, not just sightseeing. We will pass many big cities and museums, but also many small villages, mountaintops and valleys that can only be reached on foot. We will also experience cable cars, boats and train rides, an undeniable part of the world capital of transportation. Of course, we will spend much of time imitating the typical Swiss: hiking and eating (and maybe even yodeling).