June 18, 2024

Havasupai Checklist: A Complete Packing List for Your Backpacking Trip

In this post I offer you my complete Havasupai packing list. You can also print this Havasupai checklist. But first thing’s first: Read everything you need to know about Havasupai before getting your permit to go there. Read it again before you start packing for the trip! Now you’re ready to pack your backpack for your trip to Havasupai.

Disclaimer: This is my personal complete list that I’m sharing with you. It is in no way a complete list for you. I’m including one Amazon link per item to give you an idea, but you should search for items adapted to your needs/gender/size. Feel free to share this with others. YOU DO YOU!

*Items marked with asterix are available for rent or to buy from Basecamp Outdoor Gear in Las Vegas

Waterfall into blue pool
Havasupai Falls

Always keep in your hiking bag (day hiking or backpacking)


  • Phone + charging cord
  • Solar charger
  • Download audiobooks
  • Real physical book
  • Deck of cards
  • Cash for frybread/diner/helicopter ($200 per person)
  • Black light to look for scorpions (if you want)


Purchase or make your own 500 calories per serving

  • 3 x breakfast meals
    • Morning 1: RightOnTrek Grits
    • Morning 2: RightOnTrek Granola w/Yogurt
    • Morning 3: RightOnTrek Egg Scramble
  • 3 x dinner meals
    • Dinner 1: RightOnTrek Chili
    • Dinner 2: RightOnTrek Mac and Cheese
    • Dinner 3: RightOnTrek Chicken Risotto
  • Trail mix to snack on in between meals. Make your own trail mix using your choice of nuts, chocolate chips, and dried fruit. Divide mix into 4 x 16 oz ziploc bags and have a bag per day.
  • Electrolyte powder with flavor for your water
  • Instant coffee/tea/hot chocolate packets (1-2 per day per person)

Camp gear


  • Toothbrush (cut in half)
  • Toothpaste (small tube)
  • Floss
  • Contacts + case + solution
  • Glasses + case
  • Small roll of toilet paper
  • Wag bag
  • Tampons
  • Trash bags (4 x 8-gallon plastic bags = 1 for each day)
  • Zip lock bags (pack your clothes and toiletries in 1g size ziplock bags and bring 2 extra ziplocks just in case)


  • Bathing suit
  • Lightweight quickdry towel or wash cloth
  • Hiking boots w/Vibram sole (break them in before the trip)
  • Water shoes or closed-toed sandals (in winter, use neoprene socks and boots)
  • Hiking socks (2 pairs = 1 to hike down and 1 to hike back)
  • Underwear (3 pairs = 1 to hike down, 1 to hike back, 1 for emergencies ; wear your bathing suit the rest of the time)
  • Hiking pants (2 pairs = 1 for the first 2 days and 1 for the last 2 days)
  • Hiking shirts (2 long-sleeve sun shirts)
  • Lightweight sweatshirt or fleece jacket
  • Long thermal underwear top for camp and sleeping
  • Long thermal underwear bottom for camp and sleeping
  • Fleece socks in all but the hottest months
  • Down jacket in all but the hottest months
  • Down mittens in all but the hottest months

*Items marked with asterix are available for rent or to buy from Basecamp Outdoor Gear in Las Vegas


For your backpacking trip to Havasupai, you’ll need your personal items, backpacking gear, cooking gear, and food for at least three days. The friendly and knowledgeable folks at Basecamp Outdoor Gear have been to Havasupai a few times. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you need to rent a backpack, they have a wide array of volumes and sizes to fit your needs.

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