June 18, 2024

What is DetourOn?

Here’s the short answer: DetourOn is an interactive tool aimed to transform your journey into a stress-free travel experience, from planning a trip to managing it while on the road.

The interactive tool has four main components:

  1. List of points of interest (POIs) for a given destination
  2. Use of an interactive travel planner
  3. Use of a reservations booking system (coming soon)
  4. Customized roadbook – essentially a mini-guidebook – specific to your chosen POIs

Now for a few more details:

NOTE: DetourOn is still a start-up. Version 1.0 is live as you see it. We’re looking for partners and investors to help us in the further development of the product. Please contact us for inquiries.

Why create DetourOn?

The main reason to create DetourOn is to alleviate frustration caused by information overload. We’ve asked around and found that travelers check Google, Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Yelp, talk to locals, and use many other resources before they make a decision about their next destination. This could take days or it could take just 2 minutes, but those valuable minutes affect your overall energy. That’s where DetourOn comes in. It helps you narrow down the options to the most pertinent and interesting information so you can make a faster informed decision. This should result in stress-free travel.

Travel isn’t hard, but even easy things can be made simpler. At DetourOn, we believe that vacations should be fun and rewarding every step of the way, from planning a trip to managing it while on the road! From experience, we can tell you that much value could be added to your travels when you have more time to enjoy your surroundings and waste less energy fretting about how to do it.

How does DetourOn make travel stress-free?

DetourOn makes travel simpler in two ways:

1. The interactive planner helps you choose the points of interest (POIs) that best suit you by

  • providing you with a list of POIs and travel templates for a given destination, including photos and a short description of each;
  • noting anything out of the ordinary about visiting a given POI;
  • helping you keep track of the POIs that sound best to you by dragging them into a planner;
  • and allowing you to rearrange the visiting order of the POIs by checking their locations on the map view.
Getting started with DetourOn
DetourOn interactive tool – drag interesting POIs (on the right) to the planner (on the left)

2. It gives you a roadbook. That is, the information needed to arrive prepared at your chosen POIs. This includes

  • things to know before you go to your destinations;
  • restaurant recommendations, brief history of a given area, and fun facts about each POI;
  • and alternate POIs in case your first choice becomes unattainable due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., road closures).

In short, using our drag-and-drop feature, you easily build or modify your ideal itinerary, then we do the rest: A roadbook – essentially a mini-guidebook – tailored specifically to your itinerary. This is our favorite part: DetourOn has done the research for you! Your job is to simply detour on a great vacation.

Who is DetourOn for?

DetourOn is for anyone who has access to the internet and thinks about traveling. If you’re reading this, then DetourOn is for you!

In its conception, DetourOn served a very specific small niche of travelers. It catered to masters of procrastination who got sidetracked easily due to indecision. It alleviated the frustration caused by failing to know something ahead of time. And it helped those who like planning their trips in advance and plan backup plans for their plans.

It turns out that even if you’re a non-planner, good decision-maker, and great researcher, you can still benefit from DetourOn while on the road!

Where can I travel with DetourOn?

Eventually you’ll be able to go all over the world with DetourOn. Since this is still a start-up and we’re still building our database, DetourOn is most useful for POIs in Iceland, New Zealand, and the Southwestern United States. For any other destination, feel free to send us your itinerary and we’ll send you back a roadbook. Note that our response time is equivalent to the number of days on your travel plan. That is, if your trip spans 3 days, it will take us 3 days to send you back a roadbook.

Places to visit in Iceland

What other services does DetourOn offer?

In addition to the DIY interactive planner and roadbook, DetourOn also offers the following services and ongoing promotions:

  • 10% off car camping gear rentals for destinations in the Southwestern United States
  • Free travel consultations and/or suggestions for improvement to your travel plan
  • Booking services for flights, accommodations, rental cars, show tickets, and other attractions


At DetourOn, we know that planning a vacation may get a bit frustrating sometimes. Which destination to choose? What to see? How long would it take to get there? The questions seem endless and the answers could get overwhelming. So we decided to create a tool to simplify this process. So print out a roadbook today and start your detour on a great vacation.

If DetourOn appeals to you, visit our planning page and start creating your trip today. Get in touch with us if you have any question or would like more information. We wish you a happy and stress-free travel experience!