June 18, 2024

DetourOn travel services

In addition to the Do-It-Yourself interactive travel planner and roadbook, DetourOn also offers the following travel services and ongoing promotions:

  • 10% off camping gear rentals for destinations in the United States
  • Free travel consultations and/or suggestions for improvement to your travel plan
  • Booking services for your flights, accommodations, rental cars, show tickets, and other attractions.

Itinerary consultations and customized roadbooks

Eventually you’ll be able to go all over the world with the DetourOn interactive tool. Since this is still a start-up and we’re still building our database, DetourOn is most useful for POIs in Iceland, New Zealand, and the Southwestern United States. For any other destination, feel free to send us your itinerary (rough outline of your travel plan) and we’ll send you back a roadbook.

How it works – roadbook

Complete the below form or send us an email to this link. We will reply to your request within 48 hours of its receipt with an estimated roadbook return time. Upon request, we can offer suggestions for itinerary modifications. We can also send you a suggested day-to-day itinerary from scratch for your desired destination, as long as you provide us with travel dates (or season) and duration.

Once your travel plan is finalized, we will get started on the roadbook research, which includes area descriptions, offline directions, alternate activities, restaurant suggestions, and more. We offer our roadbooks for FREE! We certainly appreciate your donations to be able to keep going. Please PayPal us the amount you feel our work is worth.

NOTE: Our roadbook return time is usually equivalent to the number of days on your travel plan. That is, if your trip spans 3 days, it will take us 3 days to send you back a roadbook.

Start planning your next vacation today at DetourOn!