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How many states have Bridal Veil Falls?

It seems like an unofficial provisional clause that every state in the nation must name at least one of its waterfalls Bridal Veil Falls (or some variation of it, such as Bridalveil Fall or Bridalveil Falls or Bridal Veil Fall.) Digging deeper into the subject, it turns out that not all states abide by this rule. In a weird twist of events, some states have named multiple Bridal Veil Falls. Maybe they can donate their falls to the veil-less states? So… how many Bridal Veil Falls are there?

waterfall in shape of bridal veil
Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah

FAQs about Bridal Veil Falls of the United States

How many Bridal Veil Falls are there in the United States?

DetourOn tracked down a total of 39 Bridal Veil Falls in the United States. They are spread out between 25 states.

How many states have Bridal Veil Falls?

Though it might seem abundant, only 25 of the 50 states have some variation of Bridal Veil Falls. Some states, such as Washington and Colorado, even have multiple Bridal Veil Falls!

How long would it take to drive between Alaska’s Bridal Veil Falls?

The two Bridal Veil Falls of Alaska (points 1 and 2 in the below map) have nearly 14 hours of driving between them, and require driving in Canada for most of the journey.

How long would it take to drive to all the Bridal Veil Falls of the United States in one go?

It would take roughly 219 hours to drive to each waterfall in one go (that means no pictures or bathroom breaks or even seeing some of the waterfalls that require a hike or boat ride).

What is the shortest drive time between two Bridal Veil Falls in the United States?

The shortest drive time between two Bridal Veil Falls, both in Pennsylvania (points 30 and 31 in the below map), is just 30 minutes.

Map of all 38 Bridal Veil Falls in the United States
We’ve mapped all the Bridal Veil Falls that we have found in the United States on DetourOn and even set up a Bridal Veil Falls itinerary and tour template, in case you want to hit them all in one trip.

maple leaf DetourOn Tip: How to get to the DetourOn map of Bridal Veil Falls of the United States?

  1. Go to the DetourOn planning page

    Type “Fairbanks, Alaska” in the city search box.

  2. Select the Bridal Veil Falls template

    Click “Load” to have it populate in the itinerary.

  3. View the map

    Once the template has loaded on the left side of the screen, click “MAP VIEW”. This feature is located at the top of the screen, above the loaded itinerary.

  4. Download the roadbook

    For hike details and trail maps, download the FREE premium roadbook. This feature is located at the top right corner of the screen.

What are the states that have Bridal Veil Falls?

Without further ado, and in alphabetical order by state (not by waterfall), here’s our list of states that have Bridal Veil Falls. Expand the view of each state for a short description of its waterfall/s.

1. Bridal Veil Falls Alaska

long thin waterfall
Bridal Veil Falls, Keystone Canyon, Alaska

has 2 Bridal Veil Falls. Both can be easily seen from pulloffs on their respective highways. The northernmost Bridal Veil Falls, in Keystone Canyon, is just 13 miles from Valdez on the Richardson Highway. In winter it freezes over and becomes a difficult 5-pitch ice climb, rated WI5.

The other Bridal Veil Falls sits nine miles outside of Skagway, on the White Pass Highway. There is no good place that we know of from which to see the falls in its entirety. 
Photo credit: Beeblebrox / CC BY-SA

2. Bridal Veil Falls Arizona

has a Bridal Veil Falls in Esperero Canyon just outside of Tucson. It is located in Coronado National Forest, near Mt Lemmon. The best way to get there is following the Esperero Canyon Trail, a difficult 3-mile hike that begins in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. Due to its difficulty, this trail is not very popular and requires good navigation skills. We recommend you take this waterproof and tear-resistant Green Trails Map with you.

Side note: Arizona also boasts a Bridal Wreath Falls in Saguaro National Park near Tucson. This is a fairly easy trail and quite popular with families. The trail description for Bridal Wreath Falls is available to download from DetourOn.

DetourOn Tip: Go to the planning page, type in Tucson, and look for the Bridal Wreath Falls hike option. Drag it to the itinerary, and click the premium download option.

3. Bridal Veil Falls Arkansas

has a Bridal Veil Falls in Heber Springs. A short walk leads to a view of the falls. You can also scramble down to the base for a dip.

4. Bridal Veil Falls California

tall thin waterfall in shape of bridal veil
Bridalveil Fall Yosemite

has a Bridal Veil Falls and a Bridalveil Fall. Its Bridal Veil Falls is very hard to avoid in Eldorado National Forest, just off Highway 50 between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe. You can see the waterfall from the road, though there is a pull-off and picnic area just in front of it.

Despite Bridal Veil Falls’ popularity, it is Bridalveil Fall that may be the most famous in the United States. It is located in Yosemite National Park, at the intersection of Yosemite Valley Rd with Wawona Rd. Approach its base by walking 5-10 minutes on a paved walking trail. In addition, you can view it from 1.5 miles away at Tunnel View.

5. Bridal Veil Falls Colorado

holds the record for most Bridal Veil Falls in the United States. They are:

Hanging Lake

tall waterfall in shape of bridal veil
Bridal Veil Falls Telluride

Bridal Veil Falls at Hanging Lake in the White River National Forest near Glenwood Springs. This is a very popular 1.2-mile moderate hike to Hanging Lake, a National Natural Landmark. Water flows into the lake over Bridal Veil Falls. Though paved the entire way, the trail gains 1000ft of elevation in a very short distance. NO SWIMMING!

NOTE: A permit is required to visit Hanging Lake. Get your permit at the Visit Glenwood website. Additionally, check shuttle information and bike rental possibilities from the town of Glenwood Springs. More info is available at the National Forest website.

Idaho Springs

Bridal Veil Falls in Idaho Springs can be easily seen from I-70 dropping into Clear Creek behind the Charlie Tayler Water Wheel.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Bridal Veil Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park is a 3.1-mile moderate hike along Cow Creek to the waterfall. Starting at McGraw Ranch, the hike climbs gradually through wildflower meadows and aspen/conifer forests, and gets very steep in the final 0.2-mile push to the base of the falls. The trail is clear and well-maintained. Great opportunities for wildlife viewing, especially in the meadows. Take this trail map with you.

Seven Castles Creek

Bridal Veil Falls at Seven Castles Creek in the White River National Forest near Basalt. This is a seldom-visited 3-mile strenuous hike to the official Bridal Veil Falls, though it could be any of the countless other waterfalls encountered on the way. There is no official trail here, but the general direction is to follow the Seven Castles Creek upstream using the path of least resistance. Ropes have been put in place to get over tall and slippery obstacles, but are not regularly maintained. NOTE: Do not attempt this hike if ropes are missing or look suspect! There is no official trail map, but check out this cool Wilderness Areas of the United States map.


Bridal Veil Falls near Telluride is perhaps the most famous waterfall in Colorado. It is visible from practically anywhere in the town of Telluride, flowing over a cliff next to the scenic Pandora Mill powerhouse. Those driving high clearance 4×4’s or riding mountain bikes can get an up-close view by following the main road (Colorado Ave) east out of town for about 2 miles. It’s also possible to hike along this road, but it isn’t easy. BONUS for adventurous souls: There’s a fun via ferrata nearby. Bring a harness and daisy chain or book a guided tour and the guide company will provide all of the necessary gear to keep you safe.

6. Bridal Veil Falls Georgia

has a Bridal Veil Falls at Tallulah Gorge State Park. It is one of five waterfalls along the Tallulah River that can be reached from either of the Tallulah Gorge Rim Trails (North or South) or viewed from many of the rim trail viewpoints.

7. Bridal Veil Falls Idaho

has two Bridal Veil Falls. The first one, in Twin Falls, is barely worth a mention here. It is greatly overshadowed by the amazing Shoshone Falls across the street from it. This tiny trickle flows directly under the road to the parking lot of the Shoshone Falls Park.

The second Bridal Veil Falls is the main attraction. It requires hiking 4 miles along a stream on a moderate trail. Begin at Stanley Lake in the Sawtooth National Forest, near the Idaho Centennial Trail. The path is easy and nice for most of the way, but gets steep and tricky close to the falls. It has a couple of stream crossings. This is a beautiful hike through forest and wildflower meadows, with views of the Sawtooth Range.

8. Bridal Veil Falls Iowa

has a Bridal Veil Falls in Pikes Peak State Park. A nice short boardwalk (BEWARE: It involves climbing lots of steps) leads to one of the nicest and most popular waterfalls in the state. BONUS: Great views of the Mississippi River from the boardwalk.

9. Bridal Veil Falls Michigan

thin waterfall in shape of bridal veil
Bridal Veil Falls Michigan

has a Bridal Veil Falls at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It is often featured in the park’s postcards and publications. The waterfall slides about 140 feet down the colorful cliff of the park into Lake Superior. It is best viewed from a boat but can also be seen from about half a mile away at the lower Miners Castle overlook or from the west end of Miners Beach. This is a seasonal waterfall that usually slows to a trickle in mid-summer.

10. Bridal Veil Falls Minnesota

has two Bridal Veil Falls.

Prospect Park

Bridal Veil Falls in Minneapolis’ Prospect Park flows into the Mississippi River just below the Franklin Avenue Bridge. The area’s natural character has been dramatically altered due to significant urban development, but the falls and creek are still visible from the paths along River Gorge Park.

Boundary Waters

The other Bridal Veil Falls is located at the Boundary Waters between Canada and the USA. It empties into Gunflint Lake, which means that it is possible to approach the waterfall by boat, then a short hike upstream to its base. Another way of getting there is on a 3.3-mile moderate hike in Superior National Forest, either from Loon Lake Lodge or from Hester’s. We recommend you use this National Geographic Trail Map for your activities on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. A permit is required for all activities in the Wilderness Area. For more info, check out the Superior National Forest website. Day use permits are free and can be obtained at most trailheads without prior reservations.

11. Bridal Veil Falls Montana

has a Bridal Veil Falls in Cooke City-Silver Gate near the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park. There is a very short yet moderate hike to the base of the falls from the town of Silver Gate. The trail is very faint, so follow the path of least resistance along the creek until arriving at the falls.

12. Bridal Veil Falls New Hampshire

has two Bridal Veil Falls. One is along Shannon Brook in the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area. It is reached on an easy and well-maintained trail that passes six other waterfalls along the way. The trail offers views from the cliffs above the falls, but does not descend to the base of the falls. The other Bridal Veil Falls is located near Franconia, on a 2.5-mile moderate hike from Coppermine Rd along Coppermine Brook.

13. Bridal Veil Falls New Jersey

has a Bridal Veil Falls (also known as Buttermilk Falls) just inside the grounds of William Paterson College in North Haledon. A short trail leads under a cave behind the falling water.

14. Bridal Veil Falls New Mexico

has a Bridal Veil Falls along a 6.5-mile loop (almost). NOTE: This is a U-shaped hike, not a complete loop. The hike features a restored trestle, desert stream, riparian wildlife, 45-foot waterfall, and trestle ruins.

15. Bridal Veil Falls New York

large waterfall in shape of bridal veil
Bridal Veil Falls, part of Niagara Falls, New York

has a couple of Bridal Veil Falls on private properties. We don’t include these on our list since the general public cannot get there. However, New York should not be too distraught about this since it has the mother of all Bridal Veil Falls: Niagara Falls! Niagara Falls is made up of three enormous waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls, straddling the border between Canada and the USA, and American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, both of which are entirely in New York state.
Photo credit: James St. John / CC BY

16. Bridal Veil Falls North Carolina

has two Bridal Veil Falls. The one in Nantahala National Forest may be the only waterfall in the country that has a road behind it. Hwy 64 bypasses this road now, but there is a pullout to appreciate the falls from up close. The other waterfall was made famous by such films as Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games. It is located in DuPont State Park, down a 2-mile easy hike/bike path. This is an impressive 10-foot waterfall followed by a 120-foot slide over slickrock.

17. Bridal Veil Falls Ohio

has a Bridal Veil Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This 30ft waterfall can be seen near the Scenic Overlook at Tinker’s Creek Gorge, a National Natural Landmark. Those with a few minutes to spare should take the All Purpose Trail along Deerlick Creek to a nice view of the falls or hike the longer Buckeye Trail. These cascading waterfalls are surrounded by hardwoods and hemlocks. This is a very popular photo spot.

18. Bridal Veil Falls Oklahoma

has a Bridal Veil Falls in Turner Falls Park, a family-friendly swimming hole in the Arbuckle Mountains.

19. Bridal Veil Falls Oregon

two-tiered waterfall in shape of bridal veil
Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint, Oregon

has a Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint! Not much more needs to be said about this. There are two hiking trails centered around the falls: an upper walking/interpretive trail (paved loop to a viewing platform of the waterfall) and a lower hiking trail to the falls (short but steep, full of switchbacks. Watch for poison oak along the way.)
Photo credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

20. Bridal Veil Falls Pennsylvania

has two Bridal Veil Falls, very close to each other, both in the Pocono Mountains. The Bridal Veil Falls of Bushkill Falls Park, the self-proclaimed “Niagara of Pennsylvania,” are reached by a 2-mile hiking loop through a series of eight waterfalls. NOTE: Bushkill Falls is a private property contracted to Aramark. Upon arrival, pay the entrance fee and get a trail map. The Bridal Veil Falls of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area are actually a hidden treat behind the much more spectacular Raymondskill Falls.

21. Bridal Veil Falls South Dakota

has a Bridal Veil Falls that is located just off the road in Spearfish Canyon. There’s a small pullout to park the car and walk across the highway to a viewing platform.

22. Bridal Veil Falls Tennessee

has a Bridal Veil Falls on the campus of the University of the South in Sewanee. It turns out that there is an extensive system of trails on the campus, and it is open to the public. Bring a good trail map. Watch out for poison ivy and poison oak near the waterfall.

23. Bridal Veil Falls Utah

has a Bridal Veil Falls that is easily viewed from a pullout in Provo Canyon along Highway 189 or from the Provo River bike path. It is possibly the most well-known and popular waterfall in Utah, no doubt due to its easy access just outside of Orem. A few footbridges cross the river between the bike path and the highway to provide access to the falls. There is a steep difficult trail that leads to the base of the falls.

24. Bridal Veil Falls Washington

is a very close contender for the most Bridal Veil Falls in one state. They are:

Central Cascades

Bridal Veil Falls, Central Cascades. Follow Bridal Veil Creek on a 2.2-mile moderate hike to the waterfalls. Combine with a visit to Lake Serene for a beautiful 8-mile roundtrip day hike. Use this waterproof and tear-resistant National Geographic map on the trail. The falls can also be easily viewed from Highway 2, just under a mile east of the Index-Galena Road.

Lake Chelan

Bridal Veil Falls of Lake Chelan. This is a backcountry waterfall across the lake from Stehekin. Access is only possible using the Lady of the Lake ferry or a private boat. Consider staying overnight at Stehekin Lodge and use their kayaks. They also offer very interesting tours to see Native American pictographs.

Hearty Creek

Bridal Veil Falls at Hearty Creek. This is a very difficult hike (more of a bushwack) but very short (less than a mile roundtrip) to the scenic waterfall, which forms one of the best swimming holes in the North Cascades. NOTE: Access road is closed each year between November 1-July 1 to protect wildlife habitat. Check road conditions at the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest website before heading out.

South Cascades

Bridal Veil Falls, South Cascades. This waterfall is hidden behind two other beautiful falls and is seldom visited. It takes a 3.5-mile difficult hike to get there. Start at the Cispus Learning Center, following a beautiful interpretive Trail for the Blind, then follow Covel Creek Trail to Covel Falls and Angel Falls. NOTE: The trail currently has two bridges that have been removed, meaning you now have to wade in water to cross the streams. There is an alternate, shorter, and easier start at the Burley Mountain trailhead, but parking is limited. Check road and trail conditions at the Gifford Pinchot National Forest website before heading out.

25. Bridal Veil Falls Wyoming

has a Bridal Veil Falls at the end of a 2-mile easy hike in Clark’s Canyon near Cody. In the spring, the falls run wild with snowmelt from the Beartooth Range. In the summer it’s possible to get close to the base of the falls for some refreshing spray.


So there you have it. Though it might seem abundant, only 25 of the 50 states have some variation of Bridal Veil Falls. Some states even have multiple Bridal Veil Falls! This means that 25 states do not have Bridal Veil Falls. Luckily Colorado and Washington have so many to go around, they could probably donate some falls to the veil-less states to keep them in the union.

To recap:
How many states have Bridal Veil Falls? 25.
How many Bridal Veils Falls are there in the United States? 39.
How many Bridal Veil Falls have you been to? Let us know in the comments!

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